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Prospec UK offers more than just photograph editing and here's how we can also assist.

ProSpec UK is geared up for the digital age, and we aim to provide a very high quality service that is tailor-designed to meet your requirements. If you have a question or just want to know more please use our feedback pages to send us a message.

Safety and Privacy on the Internet

We realise that security is a big issue with the Internet, and that's why at ProSpec we use the latest in encryption technology to ensure that any transmitted data whether it be email or as part of our Internet based web gallery is secure and protected by a special encoded passcode.

PhotoNet Plus - 'Photos on the Net'

Despite its name PhotoNet Plus is a fast way of seeing your finished photographs before we despatch them by post. The issue with web based photograph restoration services is the problem with being able to view your edited prints before despatch by post, with PhotoNet Plus you only need to tell us if what you see is OK, on confirmation we will then send the finished photographs to you. PhotoNet Plus is subject to our terms and conditions.

Photo CD Service

To compliment the PhotoPlus Restoration Service, we offer a Print to CD transfer service, your edited and enhanced photographs stored using Kodakô Photo CD media technology. High quality pictures for life.

Mini Prints

Have mini-thumbnail prints produced alongside standard sized photographs we produce. This facility makes a unique Index for larger picture collections, for photo web galleries see our PhotoNet information page.

Other services from ProSpec UK

Manuscripts - Newsletters - Web Site Design - Video Conferencing

Writing a book? Need help in getting the job done faster, we can help with our range of audio transfer tools to speed the task up.  Voice Dictation services available.

Running a club or organisation?  
We can help design your newsletter making your statement stand out clear, and with over 200 typefaces to choose from a neat presentation also. Information sheets show further ideas, we guarantee that you can be sure of a top quality produced document.

Web Page Design
Simple or complex designs, we can help aid in the construction of webpages requiring special photograph images to make a statement or to advertise a product. If you require a domain name, use our domain checking service page, for more information on
ProSpec UK's web design feature click here.

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing is the method of communication using the Internet as a low cost video/audio link, one of the key features of our site is the ability to send/receive datafiles using Netmeeting. If you do not have Netmeeting installed, you can find out more by visiting
Microsoft's website for further details and to download the latest version of their software.


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