NEW! PhotoPlus Colour Editing

  Introducing the PhotoPlus Colour service, a unique editing service which produces a brand new colour photograph from any original sepia or black and white photograph or negative.

The technology here allows us to recreate the way the photo may* have looked when it was taken, using simulated colours to enhance your photograph we can provide a good quality print you'll want to keep for ever.

To get a clearer picture, click on the colour photograph to open a full sized window of these examples.

* colours and details can vary.

PhotoPlus Portraits

PhotoPlus Portraits provides you with a zoomed edition of your selected photograph. Complimenting our PhotoPlus Xtra/Colour service, you can have a fully enhanced portrait edition of your photograph.

Extras include a new background to enhance the look of the subject, including cutout control to erase unwanted objects or detail not required in the final print.

To order the Portrait prints feature
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