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  PhotoPlus Basic Order Form Service Name: PhotoPlus Basic
Types of Photographs: All
Repair Category: Minor scratches, tears and blemishes on the edges and middle of a photograph.

Brief Description of service:
Provision of restoration of photographs with minimum damage, around the fringe edges and with only slight damage across the centre of a photograph (see example).
  PhotoPlus Xtra Order Form Service Name: PhotoPlus Xtra
Types of Photographs: All
Repair Category: Scratches, Tears and Blemishes, includes rebuilding of lost detail from original photograph.
Max picture sizes: 10" x 8" photographs.

Other sub-categories include:
Background changes
Color Refresh
Panoramic prints
Picture Merging/Removal of objects or people
Photo CD versions
Web Gallery

Brief Description of service:
Premium editing and restoration service, for photographs with extensive damage, or requiring special editing changes.

Key features of PhotoPlus Xtra:
Background changes, colour mixing, object/person merge/removal, morphing, scratch, tear and blemish removal.
  PhotoPlus Colour Order Form Service Name: PhotoPlus Colour
Types of Photographs: Black & White/Sepia

Repair Category: As with PhotoPlus Xtra, but in colour.

Brief Description of service: Full Colour enhancement. 3 dimensional effect provides a new look to your existing black and white photograph(s).