PhotoMail Highlights
Secure delivery
24 hour access
Browser compatible

Cost: Free to customers who place a PhotoPlus Xtra order.

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The PhotoMail Service, offers a unique alternative to the usual postal delivery of your finished photographs. PhotoMail is supplied as a secure downloadable file direct from our servers, and guarantees a fast and direct route without the need for postage and packaging.

PhotoMail also allows you to share your photographs with friends, family or business associates via the Internet, for this we recommend our PhotoNet Gallery service.

PhotoMail is supplied as part of the PhotoPlus Xtra service, and is FREE of charge to customers who order with our PhotoPlus Xtra service.

PhotoMail is available 24 hours a day on confirmation of your payment and completion of a PhotoPlus Xtra order, and can be accessed using a compatible Internet browser program.

Privacy: ProSpec UK delivers your photographs by secure email, in a self-executable password encyrpted file.

Full details on how to use the service are provided on-line when you access your photographs. If you require an on-line gallery don't forget to order the PhotoNet service which starts in September, available subject to a no obligation estimate available by email.


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